So these days it seems like everyone is putting out tips on selling your home, so why are we doing it too you ask? Because they work! Most lists contain the same stuff, but we have thought long and hard about ours, from over 15 years of showing potential buyers homes, we came up with this list of things that they look out for! 

Are you thinking its time make a move? Do you think your ready to sell your home?  The first thing you want to do is check out our 'Home Valuations Tool' - this is a great, FAST, way to give you a ballpark figure of what your home is worth, without even picking up the phone. If you liked the estimate, then its time to take the next step - CALL ME at 727-688-2969, 7 days a week and we can arrange a good time to come out to your home, meet with you and discuss your options, then give you a estimated market value for your home. 

So, fast forward a few days, and imagine your home with a 'For Sale' board outside, and potential buyers looking and your listing on our website, social media outlets or other marketing campaigns. It can be a daunting thought when you know you have your first home viewing, so that's why we have complied this list of EASY things you can do to leave a lasting (GOOD) impression on buyers. 

1. You've heard the term 'curb appeal'! This is basically how your home looks from the outside when people drive past. Does your grass need a cut, or your bushes need a trim? It's worth spending a few dollars on a lawn service, even planting a few new flowers around just to boost the 'well maintained' feel about your home from the first look. Don't forget your porch! Make sure its not cluttered, and the front door is clean, and even freshly painted. A newer welcome mat might seems cheesy, but it does look good.

2. Check your bulbs and leaky faucets. This might seem small, but its something people notice. People like to touch light switches, and faucets, make sure that they are all working correctly, and don't let something so small detract from a prospective buyers lasting memories. Hire a plumber, electrician or contractor to resolve any small issues you may have.

3. Make room for space. People are always asking for more and more storage, even if they won't be able to fill it. Try and tidy up your closets, loft space, garage and even your pantry as much as possible. Try and create the feeling of extra space.

4. Let in the sunlight & brighten up your home. People, especially non native Floridians, are often looking to move here because of the sunshine. Let that be a positive in your home, and open up the drapes and blinds to let in some natural light. On that note, its always worth giving the windows a quick clean too!

5. Try to keep a low profile. Although you know your home better than your Re/Max associate, they have the knowledge and experience in selling houses - and know the buyers needs and wants ahead of time. It's sometimes easier for the associate to articulate the values of your home easier if the seller stays in the background.

6. Keep the living space clutter free. Try and give the house a quick clean up and again create the feeling of space in your home.

7. Bathrooms  - are a big feature in selling a house, always ensure these are clean and have a fresh smell to them. It's always worth putting out your newest and best bath towels and mats. Make the rooms shine, and don't forget to clean the caulking if needed.

8. Kitchens - my personal favorite. This is one of the biggest features to a lot of buyers. If your looking to sell your home, really try and keep the kitchen looking smart. People always open draws and cupboards in the kitchen, so make sure they don't stick and run free. Make sure they are all clean and tidy, so people can imagine cooking in their new kitchen!

8. Bedrooms should feel inviting and dreamy. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Try and loose excess furniture and always have fresh, vibrant sheets on your bed.

9. Mans best friend, isn't everyone's - try and keep your pets away from potential viewers. Pets always seem to find a way of getting underfoot, so its best to keep them outside when showing your home.

10. RELAX - Let me take care of the buyers and arrange viewings. If you've had someone get in touch with you, always refer them to my office to arrange a viewing. You'll find yourself a lot more worry free than having to deal with things yourself.

I hope that this has been helpful in some way to you. If you have any questions, please just give me a call or send me an email and I'll be happy to help. Don't forget to find out how much your home is worth from our tool

Thanks - Tom